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Advanced Precast Concrete System (APCS) is a construction method that: Adopts precast concrete components, and; Applies 4 features (each with ≥ 65% coverage) under the ‘3S’ principles of Standardisation, Simplicity and Single integrated elements (refer to Table 1).

What are solutions to common failures of cement pump trucks?

New cement pump truck drivers might be confronted with failures that make them feel at a loss. Here we share solutions to common failures as below. Failure example A At the individual position, the boom of a cement pump truck cannot be opened or m...

(PDF) New Concept of Semi-precast Concrete Slab on Pre

Many precast or semi-precast c oncrete slab systems based on pre-tensioned concrete elements are available on the Polish market. The first group are beam-and-bl ock systems consisted of beams spaced

What is precast concrete?

Unlike concrete that is poured on-site, high-quality precast concrete is produced in a controlled factory environment using advanced manufacturing techniques.

Prestressed concrete

Pre-tensioned concrete is a variant of prestressed concrete where the tendons are tensioned prior to the concrete being cast.: 25 The concrete bonds to the tendons as it cures, following which the end-anchoring of the tendons is released, and the tendon tension forces are transferred to the concrete as compression by static friction.


The sand which we get is supplied with speed and the strength of the sand is considerable than river sand. This is tested in our lab and met all the industry standards with ulterior quality. This is the perfect solution for all sand problems of the construction market.

Precast Solutions

preferred choice for manufacturing of precast elements, pipes, concrete blocks, architectural products and paving stones MEKA stationary concrete batching plants for precast applications are being designed individually according to the machines, site conditions, buildings and required production capacities.

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Tested and certified product quality, convincing cost-effectiveness: A range of wall and floor elements, staircases, spun concrete poles as well as beams for industrial structures make our precast elements the first choice for building projects of any size.

ELKON Centrale a Beton | ELKON Centrales à Béton

Cette gamme comprend les centrales à béton de type fixe, mobile et compactes. Le type de centrale est déterminé en fonction des caractéristiques du projet, du lieu d’exploitation ainsi que de la quantité requise par nos clients.